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Q: What is 'withdrawal'? answer
Hide The Body Committee- A secretive group whose function would be (if it existed, which it doesn't) to clean up after the mayhem created by frustrated Quitters. Many of our members claim to have not belonged to the HTBC (not that it ever existed). But if it ever DID exist and if Qmembers WERE ever in it, the HTBC would only disappear the messes of other Quitters- never would it initiate destruction on its own. If it ever existed in the first place. Which we're not saying it does. Which, of course, it doesn't. See also: Celery is Under the Left Rear Tire.
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joynails10 says:

photoNobody ever died from quitting smoking. It's tough but it's do-able. You won't believe any of us until you do it for yourself. And then see how great it feels.
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