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Texas, USA
Member Since 2/9/2004
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My Quit:
I'm 58 and have smoked since I was 12. Had a heart attack almost 11 years ago and quit, but thought I could have just one drag. Not true. I've quit almost every year since, only to be dumb enough to have one drag again and again. Earlier this year I had more heart problems and then a whole lot of other health problems. My last quit was Feb 19 with the help of my doctor and QuitNet. This is my last quit. I will never go through another quit.

You are not alone. Just read some of the testimonials here. And, once you've quit, remember, "You can't have just one."

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dsande says:

photoYOU NEED TO HAVE A PLAN!!! Read as much as you can, know what to expect and understand your addiction both physically and mentally. QUIT SO YOU CAN LIVE...DON"T LIVE TO QUIT!
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