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Shannon McKinzie
Wyoming, USA
Member Since 4/25/2005
No Photo
My Quit:
I'm 18 and I have been smoking since I was 12 years old. I started because I thought it would make me look older and make me feel more important. . . doing something I knew was wrong. I never thought about the consequences that would come of it. I didn't know I was addicted until I was already addicted. I hid it from my mom until I was 16 and will never forget the look of disappointment on her face when she finally figured it out.

I decided to quit when I couldn't excerice or walk up stairs without being out of breath within a very short time. I've haven't smoked for 3 days now and it seems like it's been the longest three days of my life but I'm happy and excited to finally be smoke free!

Seek people out that support you. Always remember that people are behind you, and talk to them if you need help, or get online and chat. People are always around.

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swansontvdinner says:

photoI used flavored toothpix and sugar free candies to help keep my hands and mouth busy. It was intense at first but It has settled down alot. I QUIT is what you have to remember.
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