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New York, USA
Member Since 4/29/2005
My Quit:
I am a 34 yr old mother of 3. I began smoking on and off at age 12. When I was 27, and getting divorced, I began smoking heavily. I got remarried and quit when I became pregnant with my 3rd child.

When I went back to work I started smoking again. I was told if you have just one cigarette, you wouldn’t get hooked again. It was a lie. I was smoking 10-12 cigs a day from then on. I thought to myself, "I'm not that bad. At least it’s not a pack a day." I never stopped to think about what I was doing to my family and myself.

On my birthday this year I decided I needed to quit for good. On June 26th I made a choice to quit. Nobody made it for me.

I made the choice to live.

If you want to succeed in your quit it has to be a choice you make for yourself. Make the choice to live.

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Dumpster Dance
Ritual performed while discarding all tobacco and smoking paraphernalia in the neighborhood dumpster, before setting it all ablaze and running like hell.
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groptus says:

photo**Just take it one day at a time!** If I can stay quit for today, I will worry about tomorrow when it comes.
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