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New Jersey, USA
Member Since 9/26/2006
No Photo
My Quit:
4 days have passed without a deliciously satisfying and wonderful Winston. For 33 years I considered "him" one of my closest and dearest friends.

Winston was there through thick and thin, all the good times and not so good. Anytime, anywhere, my pal Winston was there for me to enjoy as I contemplated and navigated through this thing we call life. Winston was even there when the Doctor diagnosed C.O.P.D., emphasema, real difficulty breathing. I refused to believe Winston is causing this. What, my BEST friend? No, No. Impossible!! I loved Winston.

4 days into my COMPLETELY new life. Goodbye Mr. Winston...

It's hard to say goodbye to one of your closest and dearest friends. That is, until you realize HE WANTS YOU DEAD. My God strengthen us all.

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geremiak says:

photoRead everything you can get your hands on and do whatever YOU have to do to get through the craves. Post for help! Be strong, it WILL get easier!
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