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Minnesota, USA
Member Since 10/24/2006
No Photo
My Quit:
About two weeks prior to quitting, I bought a box of nicorette gum. I looked at it every day. On Oct 18, 2006 I got up in the morning and I was out of cigs, so I stuffed 4 pieces of gum in my pocket and went off to work.
At about 10 Am I couldn't take it anymore, so I popped the first piece in my mouth. I chewed it and it seemed to help. Well, that was the start of the gum and the end of the cigarettes. I always thought it would be harder than it was. I sure am enjoying life. Cleaned my car, cleaned my house and told all my smoking friends they had to smoke outside. So that is my story and I am sticking to it !! FOREVER.

You have to want to quit.
Be sick of the embarassement around none smokers.
Be sick of the smell.
And want to add a little more time to you life!

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InnerJourney says:

photoI know that I am an addict and have to treat this quit as such. I know that I'm just one puff away from a pack a day...(or more).
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