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United Kingdom
Member Since 12/22/2006
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My Quit:
I have been smoking on and off since the age of thirteen, mainly on to be honest. Was in the armed forces for around ten years an smoked heavily there although I was incredibly fit so never gave stopping a second thought.

Left the forces and hit the drink quite heavily for a number of reasons - being young and daft was my favorite excuse. Piled the weight on after six month's of leaving and smoking at least forty a day. Stopped for two years three years ago and got back in shape, then slipped big time started again and was still at it until Christmas.

I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer last July and it took me until January 1st to stop (you work that one out). Anyway, on the mend now and feeling good about life, want to be in top shape again. Planning on a Marathon late spring ... That's it really - that's the story so far.

Can't give advice when I have just begun the journey myself.

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jenne1017 says:

photoDon't be afraid! Of peer pressue, of failure... of anything! Practice does make perfect! As long as you are serious about quitting, you will. You just have to really want to.
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