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New York, USA
Member Since 9/10/2003
No Photo
My Quit:
I started smoking when I was 16.
By the time I was 18, I was smoking more than a half pack a day.
By the time I was 20, I was smoking a full pack a day.
A year later, my father died of a heart-attack. He was 54.
My uncle and grandfather also both died when they were about 54. They all smoked till they died. Big surprise, right?

Since then (10 years) I tried to quit four times unsuccessfully. Every time I tried to quit I tried alone and failed. The last time I at least tried nicotine replacement, and although it was my best attempt (3 weeks), I still failed.

I realized I needed help and went out and got it from a doctor and the Q and my wife and this time I know I’m not going to fail.

I'm also going to live longer than 54.

I highly recommend Zyban, it'll HELP you. I highly recommend the Q. We'll all HELP you.
Think of quitting as YOUR QUIT, it's the most valuable thing you'll ever own.

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Closet Quitting
Quitting smoking without telling anyone, for fear of ridicule due to past 'failed' attempts.
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jmcdermott3rd says:

photoAttitude is everything!! You need the right mindset to succeed. I am always here for fellow quitsters; just email or qmail me if you need advice.
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