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Charles Knox
Florida, USA
Member Since 8/13/2007
My Quit:
Started smoking at age 8 until age 57; half-heartily tried to QUIT, but never really did until my QUIT date which is my 57th birthday.

It took a lot of prodding and begging from my doctors for me to even consider QUITTING, that is until I had a stroke that put me in the hospital.

I count my blessings every day that I recovered fully and able to function normally. Smoking had a large part in that stroke and I know now that I am addicted to nicotine; something I would never admit before.

My company offered a stop smoking program and I jumped at the offer. I can now say that it is the best thing I could have done for myself and I'm proud to be smoke free; The QUITNET website is a GOD send.

The many tools offered and the support is invaluable.

QUIT for you and no one else: Take one day one breath at a time. Commit wholly.

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shyny says:

photoDo it for yourself. Remember, when you get down, smoking isn't the solution, it only creates more problems. Look inside yourself; that's where you'll find the strength to be successful.
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