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Tennessee, USA
Member Since 1/31/2004
My Quit:
I have smoked for 30 years. I have quit several times. Some serious attempts. Some sloppy, half hearted (great american smoke out day) attempts. The longest was 4 months. I missed it every day that I wasn't smoking. Horrible loss as far as I was concerned and not worth the effort.

I found QuitNet years ago. I've been here off and on and mostly off because I thought that "owning my quit" and "NOPE" and addictions and smobriety were a bunch of psycho-babble.

Boy was I wrong. I have been off the sick stick for 14 days and don't even miss it a little bit. My smobriety means everything to me.

I own my quit. I want my quit and I will not smoke today.

Keep quitting. Don't stop quitting until your quit makes sense. When you "get it", you will be successful. Until you "get it", keep quitting.

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Three Post Rule
If you think you're going to relapse, post a Help! message in the QS forum. Wait until you have at least three responses. If you still want to suck on a death stick after that... wait for three more.
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PEZgirl says:

photoRead profiles, work out, talk to other Q-sters, get angry, vent. Do anything other than smoking, and the cravings will pass. Remember, the only way out is through.
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