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Wyoming, USA
Member Since 4/10/2008
No Photo
My Quit:
I started smoking at 18 years of age. I didnt smoke more than a pack a day at any time during the 39 years of lighting up but it was having an affect on my physical well being. I decided after moving to Wyoming and seeing people around town with an oxygen tank in tow that I needed to quit.

I started using Chantix, used it for about 4 months and it really worked. But I was ready to quit. I than decided to continue my quit with no aids other than WyoQuit and I have'nt smoked anything since.

I love that I dont smoke, I love that I dont smell like an ashtray at the end of the day and I love that I am healthier. I also love the information I receive from WyoQuit each month; it inspired me to stick with it than and it does now.

You have to make the decision that it is the right time for you to quit. You deserve a healthy life style, and not being controlled by tobacco. Start today!

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Q: I've tried everything and failed; what's left to do? answer
Cold Turkey
Quitting smoking without quit-aids like the patch or Wellbutrin; picture a featherless turkey, shivering in the cold, to understand the origin of the term (applied to opium junkies back in the day).
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lizzie65 says:

photoI know what it's like to be a nonsmoker, and believe me it's better than being a smoker! Don't give up on trying to quit!
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