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Texas, USA
Member Since 11/24/2009
My Quit:
After growing up in a smoking family, seeing them all eventually struggle to quit, I never thought I would become one. But I did. After 12 years of smoking -- something that I truly loved to do -- I decided it was time.

I was tired of the money spent, the wrinkles, the eternal smell in my hair, yellow teeth, and standing outside in the cold. I went at it cold turkey, and waivered a lot during the first weeks.

I am now 105 days Quit, and even though I still think about it, it does get easier. QuitNet helps, it helped me see how big my accomplishment has been, especially when it seemed like it wasn't.

Whatever your motivation is have it at the forefront at all times; write it down even. Sounds corny - but it is what helps/helped me.

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Three Post Rule
If you think you're going to relapse, post a Help! message in the QS forum. Wait until you have at least three responses. If you still want to suck on a death stick after that... wait for three more.
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discoqueen29 says:

photoYou have to want the quit really bad. Tell yourself that you will never smoke again. You have to become a non-smoker, not just a quiter.
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