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Member Since 1/12/2011
My Quit:
I smoked between 20-40 cigarettes for over twenty years. I'd tried quitting a couple of times on my own but to little avail. Cutting back worked one day, and failed miserably the next.

One day I was watching the television and decided to find an online support group. I logged on and the Expert chat had just started. With words of encouragement from everyone I decided that enough was enough and that I had smoked my last cigarette. I went cold turkey and here I am, exactly one hundred days smoke free and feeling fabulous.

What got me through the bad times was the incredible support from fellow quitters, many of whom I now consider as friends. They were here for me day or night, for a chat, for a laugh, for advice - whatever I needed.

Believe in yourself! You are stronger than any crave, any trigger, any irrational thought that a cigarette will solve anything.

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Smoking in secret. Some QuitNet members have done this for years before joining the Q and 'fessing up.
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Buffalo_Girl says:

photoDON'T GIVE UP! It does get better! You just have to commit yourself to it and decide to NEVER SMOKE AGAIN. It's not easy, but it IS simple!
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