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California, USA
Member Since 9/9/2004
My Quit:
I smoked for 47 years, usually 3 packs a day, and swore that I would die with one in my hand. I almost got my wish -- Emphysema!

I had not planned on such a painful, protracted agony. I could either smoke or breathe. I could no longer do both.

I made the decision to quit. I got a plan and set a date: September 11th 2004 at 11:59 pm I smoked my last stinkerette.

I have stayed committed. It is now 9.11.12 ~ Eight full years later and I am breathing easy. I am a non smoker!

Adopt the attitude of a non smoker from the moment you quit. Then, when you get a craving, remind yourself that non smokers don't smoke!

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SherMI says:

photoYou have to really, really want to quit and stay strong to beat this addiction. Keep positive and if all else fails ~ chain yourself to a tree.
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