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California, USA
Member Since 8/24/2007
No Photo
My Quit:
I am a 54 year old single female; smoked for 28 years, followed by a 5 year semi quit, before 6 mo smoking (and petrified I'd not be able to quit again). Quit in 2007...a couple of puffs (awful) in 2008. Clean and smoke free ever since. Recently feel like getting the beginnings of Asthma or COPD, probably due to smoking and age. Glad I quit when I did. Cannot imagine where I'd be if I hadn't. QuitNet made me feel stronger in my quit in 2007 than if I'd been on my own. I'd read testimonials and suggestions whenever I felt weak in my quit and the humor from others that had been through the quit really, REALLY helped! I even printed up a couple of postings and put them in clear view at my desk.

Every time you want one, ask yourself: Do I want the cigarette more than another hour with my son/daughter, husband/wife, Mom/Dad? or just to do something you are passionate about?

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PEZgirl says:

photoRead profiles, work out, talk to other Q-sters, get angry, vent. Do anything other than smoking, and the cravings will pass. Remember, the only way out is through.
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