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Michigan, USA
Member Since 1/6/2012
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My Quit:
I am 43 years old. I started smoking when I was 16. Both of my parents smoked all of my life. When people ask me how long I have been a smoker, I used to say, "Since conception."
9 months ago today, I finally quit for what I believe to be the very last time! I love being a non smoker. Love it! I love not buying cigarettes (I don't even know how much they cost anymore). I love not smelling terrible when I walk past people at work. I love that my daughter is so proud of me. I love that I can breath again! I joined a gym 2 weeks after I quit smoking so I never had to go up a size in pants thank goodness.
I found the patch an amazing tool! I could not have done it with out the great jokes from QuitNnet. I also love the certificates! I print and hang them proudly.

Find the thing that bothers you the most about smoking and write notes or whatever it takes to remind yourself of why smoking stinks!
Keep the Quit!

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liquid_shadow says:

photoSet a date 2 months in front. Smoke less every day. Convince yourself each time you smoke that you don't really need this! Remember: ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD!!!
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