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Idaho, USA
Member Since 6/17/2013
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My Quit:
i started smoking when i was 13. i made one effort to quit when i was 20, and never again. it was always a thought, but pushed away because of how much of a change it would be. my second job was a DJ in a bar, and quitting seemed futile. so as the years went on became permanently disabled when a drunk driver hit me head on in my school bus. i was fired for the incident and at that point, unemployed, smoking and not able to afford it. i told the man who is now my husband, i quit. going on 2 years, this july 15th, 2013. thank you quitnet for the help i desperately needed!! also, there is an app for android phones that tracks your days, cigarettes not smoked, and so on.

jolly ranchers, mints, and lots of citrus and the nicorette minis were amazing!

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conception says:

photoFirst, you have to have a 'why' you want the Quit, and then you find the 'how.' This site has been wonderful for me. You will need the help!
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