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Minnesota, USA
Member Since 7/11/2005
No Photo
My Quit:
My story is pretty much the same as everyone else's, when referring to my struggle to quit. Several false starts, short periods of being smoke free, then restarts and so forth.

I finally reached a point where I knew I had to give it up. I knew that mentally I had to prepare and make that final commitment to stop.

Once I set the date ( my birthday, July 16 2005) and gave my self time to prepare - the rest seemed to fall in place. I'm not saying it was a cake walk, but each day, month and year(s) got easier. The money I saved from not smoking ( I used Quitnet's program to track ) For for my anniversary this year I bought my self a Corvette. I enjoy this way more than I ever enjoyed smoking.

Make the mental decision to quit, then implement that decision. Never look back or question that decision.

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xanic says:

photoCommitment, attitude, an open mind, a willingness to trust in those before you, and a sense of humor really help! Take what works for you and leave the rest behind!
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