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Member Since 11/15/2010
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My Quit:
I cannot believe that I have been so successful this time. After trying to quit for 5 years because I was diagnosed with COPD. I finally managed to give up my cigarettes in May 2011. Sadly I will not be quit for as long as I smoked. I started at age twelve and did not quit until I was 62. My lungs are damaged and I will never be able to get them back to full strength. While I can walk further these days I will never be able to run again climb,golf, or do many other things that I have always loved.

I want to thank QuitNet for my daily E-Mails. They have kept me strong. Many times I was so stressed and I would read the stats and words of encouragement and I could keep to the program.

Keep the good fight going. We are strong and
having come this far there is no going back.

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matty22 says:

photoSay to yourself every morning "I choose not to smoke today" and carry that thought with you all day. Use Q-Net often, it works.
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