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New Jersey, USA
Member Since 8/6/2012
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My Quit:
I quit (using QuitNet) in 2005 for 6 years and a bad review at work and low self-esteem simmering just under the surface turned me into a closet smoker again. People always say, "You don't look like a smoker!" I can see where they could get that impression - I eat really healthy and don't take anything - not even Advil! Among other instances of "smoking stupidity" I trained and ran a half marathon. The morning of the race, I had a cigarette! (More than 1 actually) And when I was done I couldn't wait to get away to sneak another one for my "reward." The initial buzz of the nicotine was, in part, what I craved. I would buy a pack, sometimes smoking the whole thing, sometimes smoking one/tossing one or smoking like 2 and then flushing the rest - that was expensive.

Inspiration? FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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deedub64 says:

photoAlways remember that you DO NOT WANT TO SMOKE. That’s why you are here! Anything that tells you that you want to smoke is a delusion!
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