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New York, USA
Member Since 1/7/2014
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My Quit:
I've just quit for 5 days now YAY! Quit Jan 1 then smoked again Jan 2 :(. Quit again on Jan 3 up to now and forever more for good. Smoked for 24 years. Knew if I didn't stop now I'd be screwed for life. Health is good now, never had a smoker's cough and smoked 10 cigarettes a day. But needed to stop while it's still early.
I can't regret smoking as what's done is done. It served it's purpose as I had mild depression and it got me through some tough times. But it also screwed up my life too, causing me to choose cigarettes over issues. I'm glad to have found this forum today and look forward to seeing how I can contribute to support others and how I can learn from others who have quit. Thanks

Don't give up quitting. Don't feel bad if you fail, try again. It takes a few times to get it right. Cigarettes causes depression.

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Short for Quitster, a QuitNet member engaged in the Quit. Also the little woody-woodpecker Q cartoon character who consistently foils the NicoDemon.
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dillwynia says:

photoAlways remember "You are a smoke away from a pack a day"
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