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New Jersey, USA
Member Since 2/6/2003
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My Quit:
I am a mother of two beautiful girls that are going to be nine. I smoked for thirty years. On January 13th I woke up to pain in my right leg, pain was even worse when I walked. I went to my doctor and he rushed me to the hospital with glogged arteries. They tried the balloon and that didn't work, then rushed me into surgery for bypasses. The doctors said if I don"t quit smoking next time I could lose my leg. That put enough scare into me to quit right then, for me and my family. If thats not enough to make you quit I don't know what will.

I quit cold turkey. If I can do it anybody can. Please, if not for yourself then think of your family. Just think your health is more important.

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CharlieAngel says:

photoThe first step seems like it's a mile wide and then you realize it was ony a matter of inches. Good Luck and God Bless... CharlieAngel
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