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Virginia, USA
Member Since 9/27/2003
No Photo
My Quit:
Before I quit smoking, I really had to talk myself into the idea. It took several months to tell myself and others that I must quit smoking, and I would repeat all of the destructive facts about smoking to myself and my friends. I had actually quit 3 times and went back to smoking again. And then I found QuitNet.
I learned that I hadn't failed at my quit, I had actaully made several successful attempts to quit. That idea gave me strenght to actually make the final quit. I started to read the testmonies of others who quit, and I went into the chat rooms and received support. Then I sent Qmail to a few people who had quit and they Qmailed me back with support, and a few of them became my quit buds. And the rest is the history of a successful quit. Thank You, QuitNet.

Remember, there are others who thought they could never ever quit smoking, but have. Never give up. Find a few quit buds, and dive in. You can do it!!!!

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shunshine says:

photoYOU have the strength to DO this! It's difficult at first, but you will find FREEDOM!
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