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Colorado, USA
Member Since 1/5/2004
No Photo
My Quit:
Today it has been 100 days since I first made the choice to quit smoking. I have a few lasting buddies from the Q that I keep in touch with, and I have learned more about myself through this journey than I ever dreamed. I am so much more than a smoker, and it is GREAT to see that for myself.

Even the worst craving couldn't outlast the support offered here on the Q. So many wonderful people, and great advice. Sometimes I would even just sit and feel better knowing that there were others feeling as angry and tired as I was. I can't say enough about this site.

If you are thinking about quitting, but are scared...Just quit for today and see how it goes. Quitting is an amazing journey!

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cpachecobo says:

photoI have joined a gym and exercise 2 - 3 times a week. Stay away from places and situations that make you feel the urge to smoke
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