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1. kwilson73
No Photo
I have quit so many times I have lost count. Always getting to that point of "well if I have ...
2. miniota
No Photo
I smoked for over 45 yrs. I tried the meds, patches and hypnosis. Longest I went was 6 weeks. My ...
3. patc19523
No Photo
I smoked 42 yrs.!!!!!! use the Chantix 1/14/12 and quit like charm. honestly no kidding. I found out I'm ...
4. Rose_NJ
Hello. my name is Rosie. I started smoking cigarettes at the age of 14. The first brand I stole from ...
5. teasie1234
No Photo
I am the youngest of nine, we all smoked including mum and dad. They quit and now we're following suit. ...
No Photo
You are probably looking at the biggest emotional smoker out there. The worst thing was that, even though I despised ...
7. HappyPanda01
No Photo
After a few years of watching family members smoke, I grew a familiarization with cigarettes. They always seemed to pick ...
8. NEmommy
I smoked for 12 years. Tried to quit a few times, half-heartedly. It finally clicked for me when I realized ...
9. rut15570
No Photo
I am so proud of myself, 10 years ago today (09/08/2004) I quit smoking! It was a very hard ...
10. busyladyram71
No Photo
I quit smoking June 30 and feel wonderful. I had my mind set to wanting to quit for quite ...
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Q: What Are NRT's? answer
The process of ending the consumption of tobacco products.
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photoNever give up. Quit as many times as you must but never give up the fight. We will win!!!
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