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1. sbrwildmom
No Photo
i've been smoking since i was 16, so i have smoked for 23 years. for 23 years smoking has been ...
It took me a very long time to grasp the fact that: LIFE IS VERY SHORT. My ex husband, ...
3. nickfor4
No Photo
I have been a smoker for more then half my life. Almost 30 years. I started smoking when ...
4. yes2life1972
No Photo
I quit smoking after being diagnosed with COPD and because my mom was in the hospital recently for smoking related ...
5. cobysmolens
40 days and forty nights--no rain, but freedom--plenty of freedom. The money I spent on tobacco now gets auto-transferred weekly ...
6. kwilson73
No Photo
I have quit so many times I have lost count. Always getting to that point of "well if I have ...
7. miniota
No Photo
I smoked for over 45 yrs. I tried the meds, patches and hypnosis. Longest I went was 6 weeks. My ...
8. patc19523
No Photo
I smoked 42 yrs.!!!!!! use the Chantix 1/14/12 and quit like charm. honestly no kidding. I found out I'm ...
9. Rose_NJ
Hello. my name is Rosie. I started smoking cigarettes at the age of 14. The first brand I stole from ...
10. teasie1234
No Photo
I am the youngest of nine, we all smoked including mum and dad. They quit and now we're following suit. ...
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Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off. Many people claim to do this, but you never know for sure.
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Longgrain says:

photoWe all started with one. One hour. One Cigarette not smoked. One crave over come. One day with out a cigarette. But there's not One good reason to keep smoking.
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