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21. Vikki
Happy Smoke Free 2014, Q'sters!

I hope you are all celebrating a wonderful new year as a happy, healthy nonsmoker. Stopping ...
22. john.s.hickey@bnymellon.com
No Photo
After smoking for 20 years and trying to quit at least 4 prior times in December, 2011 I smoked my ...
23. istoppedsmoking
7th day of stopped smoking: I lead a hectic, stressful life - I have to face my fears about the ...
24. HotRodMama54
No Photo
I am 53,almost 54 woman. I have smoked 2-3 packs of cigarettes for 38 years.I quit last December until March. ...
25. nicodemonrelease
No Photo
I am 33, and this is my second time becoming a "non-smoker". The first time I tried using Chantix, but ...
26. valndabob
No Photo
Merry Christmas I wanted everyone to know I am on my 202 nd day. The best Christmas in 53 years. ...
27. Got2BeNow
No Photo
I quit (using QuitNet) in 2005 for 6 years and a bad review at work and low self-esteem simmering just ...
28. JBen460867
No Photo
Hello fellow ex/ former- smokers (or soon to be). I started smoking 13 years ago when I was 14. ...
29. LarrySG
No Photo
My Insurer provided a Nurse to telephone follow me for a few months. Eventually she stopped calling........so I quit. ...
30. Papaw60
No Photo
I quit on Oct 16, 2002. I could not have done it without QuitNet. The most important aid ...
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Q: How much will Quit-Aids improve my chances of quitting? answer
The "I Survived Day 3" bracelet; Q members design it themselves and invite their Q Buddies to see them model it in the forums.
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eo_wildangel says:

photoJust do this one craving at a time. It's not about the destination but about the journey. Stick close to the Q and u can quit too!
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