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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send Q-Mail?

The Q-Mail feature can be accessed by clicking on the mail envelope, located in the upper-right corner of every page. There are two ways of sending a new message, depending upon which version of Q-Mail you are using. Premium and sponsored members click on the "Compose Message" button and can type a new message from there. For Basic users, you should click on the "New Message" button and a Q-Mail window will pop up. For both the Basic and Enhanced versions of Q-Mail, either type in the username of the person you would like to Q-Mail, or if they are on your Buddy List, you will be able to select their name from the drop-down menu. When you have finished typing your messge, click the "Send Message" button and your Qmail will automatically be sent to the other user.

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More than 2,200 young people age 11-19 try spit tobacco, and 830 become regular users of spit tobacco every day. That means in one year, 824,000 young people first try spit tobacco and 304,000 becoming regular users.
Frequently Asked Question
Q: My family's hounding me about quitting, but I'm not sure I want to? answer
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