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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the QuitNet use cookies to "spy" on my computer or web surfing habits?

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, NO! Protecting the privacy of each and every single one of our users is paramount to the QuitNet. With regards to the cookies, it is virtually impossible for any web site to use a cookie to view the contents of your hard drive. A cookie is merely a small text file that web sites use to remember who you are when you return to their site. Given that cookies are widely used these days, it is also important to note that only the web site that issued the original cookie has access to it in the future. This means that the QuitNet does not have access to the cookies on your computer issued by other sites, and vice versa.

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More than 2,200 young people age 11-19 try spit tobacco, and 830 become regular users of spit tobacco every day. That means in one year, 824,000 young people first try spit tobacco and 304,000 becoming regular users.
Frequently Asked Question
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