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Q: Are the Features listed on my 'Community' page critical to staying quit?

Q: What's up with all this wierd lingo in the forums and chat rooms?

Q: What is the difference between Forums and Chat?

Q: Does QuitNet support WebTV users?

Q: Can I save Q-Mail in my Personal Library?

Q: How come I can only search for forum posts less than 3 months old?

Q: How do I report a post to the QuitNet Administration?

Q: Are the 'Next Steps' you advise necessary for staying quit?

Q: Why is it important to visit QuitNet frequently and post messages in the support forums?

Q: How does QuitNet determine which features I've used and which I haven't?

Q: Are the user quotes real?

Q: Some members end their forum posts with personal quit stats; can I do that?

Q: How do I post a message in the Forums?

Q: How do I reply to a post in the Forums?

Q: What's the difference between a Post and a Thread?

Q: Why was one of my Posts moved to a different forum?

Q: What causes a thread or a post to get deleted?

Q: Why can't I find a message I just posted?

Q: How do I search for messages in the forums?

Q: Why don't posts from today show up when I search for them?

Q: Where is my Personal Library, and how do I use it?

Q: How do I remove stored posts from my Personal Library?

Q: Will I get more Personal Library space if I upgrade to Premium?

Q: Can I transfer my Personal Library from one account to another?

Q: How many messages are posted in QuitNet's forums each day?

Q: How do I access my Personal Library?

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photoBecoming a smoker is like changing into a werewolf; quitting is like changing back. It is uncomfortable and painful. Let the process happen, let yourself be tranformed!
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