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Q: Are the Features listed on my 'Community' page critical to staying quit?

Q: How do I block Q-Mail?

Q: How do I "unblock" a user from sending me Q-Mail?

Q: Does QuitNet support WebTV users?

Q: Can I save Q-Mail in my Personal Library?

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Q: Is Q-Mail the same as e-mail or Instant Messenger programs?

Q: How many Q-Mail messages can I save at a time?

Q: How come my Q-Mail light doesn't automatically turn on when I have new mail?

Q: How come nothing happens when I click on the "New Message" button?

Q: How do I get the deluxe version of Q-Mail?

Q: What happens to Q-Mails that I trash?

Q: How do I recover a Q-Mail from the trash?

Q: Can I send one Q-Mail message to multiple users at once?

Q: Can I delete multiple Q-Mail messages at once?

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photoNEVER GIVE UP! Keep quitting until you get it right! Remember we had to learn how to smoke...now it's time to learn to do ANYTHING ELSE BUT SMOKE!!
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