Boston University is pleased to offer a tobacco cessation program. QuitNet® is a Boston University-sponsored program available to all full and part-time employees and their families.
what and who we are

QuitNet is a comprehensive service designed to help individual tobacco users through the quitting process. It combines evidence-based methods of treating tobacco addiction with a powerful and effective individually controlled program that is available to anyone, anytime, anyplace. Participants may select Online and/or Phone support, as well as receive Cessation Medications and a Printed QuitGuide.

What and Who we are
quitting medications

quitting medications(patch, gum, lozenge fromGlaxoSmithKline)

  • Select from effective stop-smoking medications such as the Nicotine Patch, Nicorette Gum, and Commit Lozenge, delivered right to your home.
  • Boston University will sponsor 100% of the medications cost with your enrollment in Online and/or Phone support. No copay required.
email support
  • Up to 5 scheduled calls with a trained cessation counselor.
  • Each call is placed at a strategic interval to ensure you’re getting the support you need when you need it.
benefits for quitnet members

Comprehensive online support from QuitNet’s website.

  • benefits24/7/365 support from a global community of quitters
  • Quit tools including
    Quit-smoking stats calculator and Quit Date Wizard
  • Quit Tips and Anniversary emails
  • Access to cessation counselors
email support

Fun and helpful QuitTips support delivered regularly by email.

  • emailQuit Tips email support delivered to your inbox.
  • Check in from anywhere to get helpful tips about staying quit and other information to help you be successful.