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Frequently Asked Questions
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Taking medications to quit can raise lots of questions. Make sure that you have the latest science-based information to guide you. The most commonly asked questions relating to quitting medications have been answered here. Browse or search.

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Nasal Spray

Q: How Much Nicotine is in NRT's?

Q: Is the peppery or tingly taste in the lozenge or gum normal?

Q: Why would I want the patch, gum, or lozenge if I’m trying to quit nicotine?

Q: Can I use any form of NRT to help me taper down smoking?

Q: Can I use the lozenge along with other NRTs?

Q: Does the lozenge, or other NRT, work for smokeless tobacco users?

Q: If I’m taking other medications, can I use the lozenge?

Q: Can other NRTs be dosed by ‘Time to First Cigarette’?

Q: Are there advantages to the lozenge over other NRTs?

Q: If icotine is harmful, how can NRT's help me quit?

Q: Can I quit 'cold-turkey' but use NRT's during the rough times?

Q: Will NRT's cure me of tobacco addiction?

Q: Why do I feel guilty using an NRT crutch to quit?

Q: Can I overdose on NRT's?

Q: Do NRT's interfere with the lungs' healing process?

Q: Do NRT's prevent coughing up gunk?

Q: Will NRT's eliminate all withdrawal symptoms?

Q: Am I being weak for wanting to use NRT's?

Q: Can NRT's help my motivation stay up?

Q: What must I do in addition to using NRT's?

Q: Will NRT's get rid of my cravings to smoke?

Q: Should I do more than just use NRT to quit?

Q: My parent failed using the NRT; does that mean I will?

Q: Can a Pregnant Woman Use NRT's?

Q: How Much Do NRT's Really Help Me Quit?

Q: Why Are there Different Types of NRT's?

Q: What Are NRT's?

Q: What Forms Can I Get NRT's In?

Q: What Are The Differences Between NRT's?

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