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Frequently Asked Questions
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Taking medications to quit can raise lots of questions. Make sure that you have the latest science-based information to guide you. The most commonly asked questions relating to quitting medications have been answered here. Browse or search.

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Q: Can I use the lozenge with Zyban/Wellbutrin SR (bupropion)?

Q: If I'm not seizure-prone, and have no history of eating disorders, is Zyban safe for me?

Q: Why do we hear scare-stories about Zyban in the UK?

Q: What's the difference between Zyban and Wellbutrin?

Q: What is Zyban?

Q: If I failed before with Zyban, do I want to avoid it this time?

Q: Does Zyban cure me of smoking?

Q: How long should I take Zyban before I quit?

Q: Will starting Wellbutrin AFTER my quit help with depression?

Q: What's the standard Zyban dosage?

Q: Who absolutely shouldn't take Zyban/Wellbutrin?

Q: If Zyban's so safe, why were there scare stories about it when first released?

Q: Can I drink while taking Zyban?

Q: What should I do between starting Zyban and my quit date?

Q: Will my insurance cover a Zyban prescription?

Q: Will Zyban cause migraine headaches?

Q: Can I use over-the-counter headache medicine while on Zyban?

Q: Does Zyban eliminate withdrawal?

Q: How long should I use Zyban?

Q: What are the most common side-effects of Zyban?

Q: Can I take Wellbutrin for depression and Zyban for quitting smoking?

Q: Will Zyban affect my love life?

Q: Why can't they make Zyban without side-effects?

Q: How does Zyban actually work?

Q: Does Zyban have nicotine in it?

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